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Astoria, NewYork


Monday Thru Saturday 10:00A.M. To 8:00P.M.
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In Queens, Patricia's Salon

Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon in Queens can offer a dramatic change to your look and style. Hair Extensions of about 26-30" in length is perfect for people with an average height. Best Human Hair Extensions are strands of either real or synthetic hair which are set close to the scalp by using various systems of fixation. Best Human Hair Extensions in Queens are the latest fashion accessory and are proving popular throughout the world.

Patricia's Hair Extensions in Queens can be used to create a variety of hairstyles. It is as comprehensive a service as modern day coloring and perming and is considered the third technical hair dressing service. Patricia's Hair Extensions in Queens is very adaptable and can be used to create color, effects, body, volume, length and very radical hairstyles like braids and deadlocks. Patricia's Hair Extensions in Queens hairstyle is created using extension hair that is the same color as a client's own hair.

As a committed team of professional stylists at Patricia's Queens Hair Salon, we regularly deliver awesome results and make all our clients to look exquisite and elegant. Patricia's Queens Hair Salon always uses high quality human remy hair. Our famous remy hair has a natural movement. The wefts are stitched two times to hold the strands together more securely that will help to minimize the hair shedding. The specialty of our hair is all the hairs are aligned in the same direction to avoid tangling of the hair.

Patricias Famous Hair Extensions will last a minimum of six weeks normally if the hair extensions are properly maintained. You can buy quality natural hair extensions at Patricias Famous Hair Extensions Salon. Patricias Famous Hair Extensions cannot be detected at any cost when it is properly attached by our well experienced Patricias Famous Hair Extensions salon staffs and thus look much like your natural hair.

Patricias Famous Hair Extensions Salon is the one stop shop for all your hair extensions requirements. You can treat the fine Patricias fusion hair extensions same as your own hair. Your relatives and family members will notice this exquisite difference in your look as well and they will readily obey your fashion ideas.

Patricia's Queens Hair Salon are highly recommended coz you can do exercise; also can swim with it without the tension of hair matting that usually occurs with ordinary brands. At Patricia's Queens Hair Salon, our main objective is to create a natural looking hair extensions for all our American, African, Caribbean, European clientele. Our staffs are dedicated to maintaining the conditioning of your hair. Because of our reputation, clients come from New York City, New York, Manhattan, Connecticut, Astoria NY, Queens NY, and New Jersey and all over the world for our exclusive services.